We are a company of Peruvian capital, founded in 1982 with the commitment to develop and supply the PRECOR Steel Construction System tailored to the needs of our clients.

This commitment is materialized through the permanent search for new technologies aimed at developing our construction system, offering cutting-edge alternatives that provide benefits to our clients in the construction, mining, agribusiness, commercial, and industrial sectors, among others.

Throughout more than 30 years in the market, we have worked positioning the main families of products, such as steel tubes and profiles, metal panels with and without insulation, as benchmarks in the market, achieving solid leadership.

Precor supplies the most complete line for steel construction, with the highest quality, the best pre and post-sale advice and a wide range of colors for its covers and cladding.

Our History


Provide non-traditional construction solutions related to steel, to distributors, contractors, and builders, with innovative products that generate added value to their business.


To be the benchmark in the market for non-traditional construction solutions related to steel.

Our Values


Ability to know how to listen, ask questions, express concepts and ideas clearly and directly to achieve a common goal, thus generating an optimal work environment.

Team Work

Ability to actively participate in a group, establishing actions to achieve a common goal through good interpersonal relationships, effective communication and empathy.

Results Oriented

Ability to achieve the objectives and goals of the organization, with speed and a sense of urgency, considering the needs of the internal and external client.


Ability to think and act in advance of events. It involves improving situations through concrete actions.